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See, Say, Do. We have been in this series for 4 weeks this is week 5. When we been to understand how God created us, we can better understand what our capabilities are, what our potentials are, which will give us a better understanding of how we operate.

We have so much power and potential in us but we are not really aware of what we really have or are. The Creator God created us in His Image. We are God like in that we have His Spirit, We have His Power, We were created to create. We are not God and we are not little Gods, but we have His God Spirit in dwelling within us. If you really do not know who and who’s you are, you will live apart from His Spirit.

We are a Spirit living in a temporary body. The body, your flesh is temporary. We are Spirit. Most people have never gotten past flesh, natural level to see this amazingly powerful other level that God has blessed us with.

Flesh/natural living is where you do life based on what you see and how you process what you see. What you see is what you get.

Spirit living or spirit level is on a higher plain. This level is above the natural level. This is more than what you see. It’s based on what God says, if you can see within your Spirit, you will speak what He showed you and what He says, you will receive what He promised. Living life in the natural means you will live below your God given Rights, and position.

“I have seen slaves on horses, and princes walking like slaves on the earth.” Ecclesiastes 10:7 AMPC

I have seen. This is a visual observation. Seeing something that is not the way it should be.

He is saying I have seen Gods sons and daughters Gods Spirit Children, Gods Royal People walking in a level and place they were not created for.

You are Gods. Jesus Christ paid the price for you. You and I are His sons and daughters. You are His children. If you do not really know who you and who’s you are, you will live the life that you have been told you are.

David was an amazing character in the Bible. He is a shepherd boy. The youngest of all his brothers. He seems when he was young to have experienced God. He would write songs and sing and worship God when out in the pastures with his fathers sheep.

He is anointed King by Samuel, but would go on to live life before he really took the throne and was King. He killed Goliath, leads the army, King Saul raises David up to become the leader of His armies. David is mighty, he rises so high so fast. King Saul gets so jealous and gets filled with hate and wants to kill David. David in Fear. Fear will come to test you.

Trials come to test you. Do you know who you are? Do you know who your Father is? Do you know His promises or do you just know your problems????

15 years between when Samuel anointed him as a shepherd boy till he actually became the King. He was always the King but he did not know that.

He was filled with fear, confusing, hurt, disappointed, and he is running and hiding from his attacker. We all will go thru things. We all fail at times. We will all fall short at times.

David is running, hiding, afraid, confused wondering where the heck is His God. Where is the word you promised. Come on, ever been there, all hell is breaking loose, you been diagnosed with this, the business is under attack, your marriage is under attack, your dreams and destiny are being bombed, you are running, you hiding, confused, lonely, hurting, not sure where to run to or go. You are kinda lost.

God loves David the whole time, God was there the whole time, but God had to let him be tested, let him make decisions that led to huge mistakes. God let’s us make these mistakes to teach you how to really live.

David was a King living like a slave, running and hiding in fear.

“SO DAVID departed and escaped to the cave of Adullam: and when his brothers and all his father’s house heard it, they went down there to him. And everyone in distress or in debt or discontented gathered to him, and he became a commander over them. And there were with him about 400 men.” 1 Samuel 22:1-2 AMPC

It is said David was seriously running for about 18 months from King Saul. 8 years of living here and there before he would live in the Kings Castle.

David, great David, wrote psalms, worshiper, yet here is runner, fearful, confusion, angry,

Dark times are dark, but till you remember who you are, you carry the light within you.

When it’s dark, when the test and trials are on what do you see, how do you see things and then what do you say? How do you see and speak when your going thru stuff?

  It is interesting to read of how David describes himself during this very dark time in his life:

• I am hunted like a partridge, 1 Samuel 26:20; • I am like a pelican in the wilderness, Psalm 102:6; • I am like an owl in the desert, Psalm 102:6; • My soul is among the lions, Psalm 57:4; • They have prepared a net for my steps, Psalm 57:6. Can you imagine being called of God and anointed by God as king of Israel, experiencing an amazing victory over a giant, being best friends with the present-king’s son, playing a harp in the palace at the king’s request, only to find yourself hiding out from that very king in foreign lands in caves?  As you may imagine, David was weary during these years of flight from Saul. 

Flesh just see the problems and speaks the problems. Flesh just whines and complains and speaks so negative and rehearses the problems over and over till they take control over your eyes, mind, heart and mouth. Then it’s your life.

When David was running, complaining, hiding, cold and hungry, now he has 400 men who are distressed, discontented, in debt. He is already messed up. Now he has 400 others just like him around him.

You will attract what you are all around you. Take a good look at those around you. David had to come out of his pity party. He had to rise up.

He looked up at the slave of fear, hurt, bitter, angers, his weaknesses, pull them slaves down back to the ground.

What you see and how you speak about your challenges will create your world. They will create your relationships, they will create your victories or your failures.

David seen himself as a warrior for God so he raced towards Goliath fearless and courageous. He seen fear, death, loss, he raced away into hiding and living in caves from King Saul.

Davids life became what he seen, what he spoke, and what he received and believed. When he fed his Spirit with worship and praise and prayer and devotion and Gods Word he was a worshipping warrior, an anointed powerful leader. When he fed his flesh and fears, he was a fearful, weak, timid, whiner, looser.

All this darkness surrounded David for sometime. The whole time he had the power to change the darkness. David is living in a cave not in the palace with the King. He is living in a cave surrounded by misfits. Depressed, in Debt, and Discontented.

God’s anointed one, reduced to this.  When a believer loses heart, his behavior changes; there is an unbreakable connection between one’s confession and one’s conduct.   When your faith and your heart are steadfast in the Lord, you will act like a child of God.  But when, for whatever reason, your faith fails and your heart grows weak, your conduct will betray that.

What you see, how you see, you will speak, you will talk about what your dealing with or going thru and your conduct, behavior, action will follow that direction of what you are feeding, Spirit or flesh. Natural or supernatural. Godly or unGodly.

God allowed all of these people and his brothers leading the group to seek David leadership. David is in the dark. His vision, his confession has him in hiding.

This group of 400 men. Their vision, sight is they see David can help them. They speak about David the great leader and warrior. What they see and what they say is moving them to seek out David and saying lead us. Be captain over us. We believe in you. We believe we will thrive with you.

“David was greatly distressed, for the men spoke of stoning him because the souls of them all were bitterly grieved, each man for his sons and daughters. But David encouraged and strengthened himself in the Lord his God.” 1 Samuel 30:6 AMPC

Raiders had come when they were gone and raided their camp. They took all the woman, children, food and valuables. Ziglag is where they were.

David at this point of life was consulting God again. He was praying and asking God for direction and guidance again.

David encouraged and strengthened himself in the Lord.

“Do not be shaped by this world; instead be changed within by a new way of thinking. Then you will be able to decide what God wants for you; you will know what is good and pleasing to him and what is perfect.” Romans 12:2 NCV

David had to come back to Spirit.

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