SERIES: Enlightened: 2. To Know God

Sermon Notes

The Theme for this month is, “Enlighten.” I was praying and i seen the word like this, In Light In.  The light comes in and now it is inside of me and it shines bright from within me to everything outside of me. It is like we become spiritual flashlights.

Bring both my flashlights, white light and black light for illustration.

The word Enlighten means to give someone greater spiritual knowledge, insight or understanding. Some synonyms are make aware, open someone’s eyes, notify, illuminate, set straight, put wise or wisdom, open the eyes of our understanding. 

Someone said one time, there is no such thing as darkness, only the absence of light. When you walk into a dark room once you turn on the light there is no existence of darkness, only the absence of light.

When we are struggling, going thru the hardships and dark times of life we just need to turn on the light. The challenge that most people do life in the dark because they are relying on themselves or things outside of themselves. The light, the power of God is inside of you. 

The electrical receptacles on the wall have the power. Just imagine for a moment that that receptacle is God and His power. You are the electric blow dryer. You have you and God. God is all powerful and all power. You are the blow dryer with no power on its own. You have super potential of power but on your own and disconnected from the power source you have potential but no power. How successful will you be drying your hair with a dryer that is not plugged in?????       

“And [I pray] that the eyes of your heart [the very center and core of your being] may be enlightened [flooded with light by the Holy Spirit], so that you will know and cherish the hope [the divine guarantee, the confident expectation] to which He has called you, the riches of His glorious inheritance in the saints (God’s people),”


“The eyes of your understanding being enlightened; that ye may know what is the hope of his calling, and what the riches of the glory of his inheritance in the saints,”

Ephesians 1:18 KJV

I pray that the eyes, the vision so seeing the remarkable, miraculous of your understanding, means a Deep thought, exercise of, or to shine or to brighten up. In the Amplified they use the word HEART, the very center and core of your being.

This is a place from the inside out. The core of our being, The deep thought of our understanding seeing and shining form within to without. 

The prayer is that our vision or inside our heart the core of our being and understanding be ENLIGHTENED.

The word Enlightened means, “illuminate, make manifest, MAKE TO SEE.

The regular flashlight allows me to see what is overshadowed by darkness. This black light allows me to see what even the flashlight can not see. It illuminates things like scorpions.

God is saying He wants us to ignite the vision of our core being and understanding. He wants to start a fire within us for Him and His ways, His power, His purpose, His Kingdom. 

This is why the cry of Gods heart is for relationship with us. Religion and just going thru the motions does not fulfill us or satisfy the longing in our soul. Gods call is to connect to Him so His light. Power, will illuminate your inner being. 

This illumination of the core of our being to make us see what is not seen to the natural man. 

“But the natural [unbelieving] man does not accept the things [the teachings and revelations] of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness [absurd and illogical] to him; and he is incapable of understanding them, because they are spiritually discerned and appreciated, [and he is unqualified to judge spiritual matters].”


Paul write this is his prayer but this is Gods heart for us. People who just go to church but who have not had their heart enlightened are still natural. They can not understand spiritual things. 

The natural man is just like this hairdryer that is not plugged in. The source of power is God and its here and available. The dryer is here and its potential is here. Most people believe there is a source of power, most people believe in the source of power but still most people are doing life not connected to the source. And we sit in churches all across the globe wondering why our hairdryer does not work, why we are getting ahead, why we can’t seem to produce the life God promised!  

All thru Gods Word God would say things like do not be afraid, take courage, trust me. Over and over God would speak and remind his people over and over don’t be afraid, take courage, trust me. 

The challenge is we were created in the womb of our mothers in spirit. We were a spirit that was birthed in a house or container called our body or flesh. The Spirit baby is born, every life born is a supernatural miracle of God. The moment the baby Spirit is born it is treated by people who are natural not spiritual. So the programming begins. We were not born to fear or hate, we are programmed by our world. Our spirit gets tucked away deep inside of us like some of the things you packed away in storage and over the years you visit them less and less maybe even forget you have it. 

Our world is programing people how to think and believe. No one is born homosexual or racist these are programs. No one is born poverty or rich these are programs that we get depending where you grew up and who raised you. 

You as a Christian believer have so much power and potential, but if you are not aware or don’t know how to access it the power stays with the source God and all you have is a life with potential but no power. 

Yes they could do might things but they don’t. You could be an overcomes but you don’t, you could achieve your wildest dreams such great potential but you live out your life in the Norm and natural because it takes no effort to change or stay stuck. 

“And [I pray] that the eyes of your heart [the very center and core of your being] may be enlightened [flooded with light by the Holy Spirit], so that you will know and cherish the hope [the divine guarantee, the confident expectation] to which He has called you, the riches of His glorious inheritance in the saints (God’s people),”


The prayer is that you connect or reconnect with God and start to do life with His power flowing thru your life and not do life in the natural where you live stuck and bound. When you are connected to God the power and source of the Divine His power will ignite you, cause you to function in your potential. You will move from stuck and bound to free to live and achieve and guilt and unforgivness have no place in you because you are connected to the source. 

Just being connected means you are connected to the source of power but you must do something in you. You must choose by faith to turn your on switch to God and not you, to Faith and not fear, your on switch is when you open your heart/spirit and freely allow the flow of Gods Holy Spirit to come flooding into your life and all the power of God is moving in you. He takes your dormant potential and turns them into power.

To flood your heart/spirit so that the eyes of your understanding is on and working YOU CAN SEE THE UNSEEN, SUPERNATURAL VISION.   Why? Purpose? So you will know. WHEN YIU KNOW, YOU ARE SURE, CONFIDENT, TRUSTING. 


To know the HOPE ——the divine guarantee, confident expectation. 

Calling —or Called means An Invitation, to urge on, to incite by words.

In spirit when you are plugged in and turned on His power is flowing to and thru you and He  turns your powerless potential into potential that is powered by God in and thru you to outside of you. 

Riches—-To Fill and this Word IMBUE which implies the introduction Oda a quality that fill and permeates the whole being——— to fill or imbue with Wealth (as fullness) money, possessions, abundance, riches, valuables.

Inheritance—- heirship, patrimony which means a paternal estate inherited from a father. 

God is Spirit and spiritual.

“But a time is coming and is already here when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit [from the heart, the inner self] and in truth; for the Father seeks such people to be His worshipers. God is spirit [the Source of life, yet invisible to mankind], and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth.””

JOHN 4:23-24 AMP

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