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The Resurrected Life: Newness of Life.

1. Easter: Resurrection 2. The death Buried and death. Reflection 3. The Restore Born Again, New Life. Renewal 4. The Transformation Walking in the New Life Reaffirm our faith. 5. The Elevation Growing higher, abandoning our old life.

“We have therefore been buried with Him through baptism into death, so that just as Christ was raised from the dead through the glory and power of the Father, we too might walk habitually in newness of life [abandoning our old ways].” ROMANS 6:4 AMP

Quote: Easter is meant to be a symbol of hope, renewal, and a new life.

Phillips Brooks, “An Easter Carol”. Tomb, thou shalt not hold Him longer; Death is strong, but Life is stronger; Stronger than the dark, the light; Stronger than the wrong, the right…..”

Robert Flatt, “The resurrection gives my life meaning and direction and the opportunity to start over no matter what my circumstances.”

Whatever you may be facing, remember that in three short days, the disciples and family of Christ went from hopelessness to hopeful—- from devastation to celebration, from defeat to victory. From the cross to the tomb and because of the resurrection we all have Hope and Victory.

The goal of Jesus is seen in this last part of this scripture, We too might walk habitually in Newness of Life (Abandoning our old ways).

The goals and dream of our God is that we walk and live in a newness of life. Abandoning our old ways.

Today the the stages of the 3 days. Next week The power of death. The power of Restoration and Renewal. The power of Transformation and walking in our new life. The power of Elevation, Growing Higher in God.

We are Celebrating our Risen Savior, Jesus Christ. The crucifixion, death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus. We are to reflect on the death of Christ for our sins and His resurrection, and remember that we are alive in Christ. Through Christ we have been resurrecting into a New Life that has freedom from sin, freedom to live, really live, freedom to dream, freedom to create, freedom to love and receive love, freedom to create and be great, freedom to have hope and share hope with the world.

It started with Love: God so loved us the world. That God gave His son to be the ultimate sacrifice for sin. God sacrificed Jesus and Jesus sacrificed Himself for us.

“As Jesus was going up to Jerusalem, He took the twelve [disciples] aside, and along the way He said to them, “Listen carefully: we are going up to Jerusalem; and the Son of Man will be handed over to the chief priests and scribes (Sanhedrin, Jewish High Court), and they will [judicially] condemn Him and sentence Him to death, and will hand Him over to the Gentiles (Roman authorities) to be mocked and scourged and crucified, and He will be raised [to life] on the third day.”” MATTHEW 20:17-19 AMP

You can not have a resurrection with out a death. When you plant an acorn seed deep in the dirt it is covered up and it is dark. That seed lays there many days and something happens first. First. The outer shell dies and it opens up to release the seed of life deep inside of the shell. The life will emerge from the shell of death. The shell contained the life potential inside of the seed. The outer shell has to die first.

Before the this amazing power and life of God is manifested in our lives, we also must have a death experience. Not a physical death, but a spiritual one.

Before Jesus, I was living my life the way i wanted. I crashed and burned so many times. Pride kept telling me I don’t need this God stuff. I worked, I made money, I lived large, but I was still so empty. I had people all around me, yet i still felt alone. No matter what I had or did, I was still empty, no purpose, no happiness, no peace, empty, empty.

Suffering is what Jesus went through for us all. Suffering would lead up to the crucifixion. The crucifixion is the symbol of death. My selfishness must die in order for Christ to live thru me. Just as Christ was nailed to the cross for our sins, so we must nail our selfish, greedy, lustful, angry, bitter, hateful flesh to the cross daily.

“We know that our old self [our human nature without the Holy Spirit] was nailed to the cross with Him, in order that our body of sin might be done away with, so that we would no longer be slaves to sin.” ROMANS 6:6 AMP

Before you and I were slaves to sin. WE were controlled by our flesh, we did not care about God. My selfishness must die in order for Christ to live thru me. This is why many have a hard time serving God. Our self does not want to die. WE must die daily. With our attitudes, our angers, on and on.

They took the body of Jesus wrapped him and laid Him in a tomb. It was dark, He was dead. There are times when we feel so lonely, we are going thru things, life is dark and lonely. God is trying to get thru to us. Many times because we do not obey God we don’t see the light or breakthroughs like we should. Jesus was wrapped up like a mummy.

There was physical wraps holding him and binding him. When we are in the death and burial stages God is with us. It is hard and difficult but God is with me. God is with me. God is with me. He has not forsaken me. God says I will never leave you nor forsake you. It feels like it but He will not ever leave us alone. Gods spark of life was in that Cave with the body of Jesus. He is with you and I when we go thru the valleys of shadow of death. He walks with us.

The reason Christ died for us and wants us to die and live for Him is He wants us to be set free. No more slaves to sin. Just like the caterpillar when it is in the cocoon there is metamorphosis taking place. The stone was rolled away. Jesus was alive and walking down the road to meet up with His disciples.

No one comes to Jesus because everything is so perfect in their lives. Jesus the Jesus of the crucifixion and resurrection is not a religion or church attendance thing. Jesus is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

I was broken, and could not fix my self. Money could not fix me. A human relationship could fix me. I turned to so many things in this world to try to find hope, i turned to people, drugs, alcohol abuse, money, things, I was trying to find help, i was looking and trying so many things that did not give me hope or life.

I had to kneel before this King Jesus and surrender my old life to Him and take His new life for me. You will never find victory in a church if you don’t surrender your self and life and take His new life. Religion will not fix you.

It says we were salves to sin. A slave has no rights. A slave has not worth and value. Jesus died and defeated death hell and the grave so we could be free from slavery to become sons and daughters of God.

Jesus defeated death, hell and the grave so we could live this Amazing life with Him.

Death must take place first before life can come forth.

“So when Martha heard that Jesus was coming, she went to meet Him, while Mary remained sitting in the house. Then Martha said to Jesus, “Lord, if You had been here, my brother would not have died. Even now I know that whatever You ask of God, God will give to You.” Jesus told her, “Your brother will rise [from the dead].” Martha replied, “I know that he will rise [from the dead] in the resurrection on the last day.” Jesus said to her, “ I am the Resurrection and the Life. Whoever believes in (adheres to, trusts in, relies on) Me [as Savior] will live even if he dies; and everyone who lives and believes in Me [as Savior] will never die. Do you believe this?”” JOHN 11:20-26 AMP

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